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Construction requires workers to prepare for hazards on jobsites everyday. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, contractors saw new challenges such as social distancing protocols, masking policies and vaccine mandates.

Extreme weather events such as the massive heat wave that struck the Pacific Northwest also put construction workers on the frontline of a battle against the elements. In addition, some workers struggle with demanding work schedules, mental health issues and substance abuse battles. It's clear that the safety needs of construction workers continue to evolve.

Here, take a look at Construction Dive's coverage of safety trends and solutions.

5 traits of the safest contractors

Firms that follow these guidelines are six times safer than the industry average, according to the latest report from Associated Builders and Contractors.

• Published May 7, 2021

Federal contractors, subs to be vaccinated by Dec. 8

• Published Sept. 27, 2021

Contractors tackle worker suicides, mental health stigma

While the stigma has lessened over the years, mental health issues still disproportionately affect construction workers.

• Published Sept. 7, 2021

Even in temperate regions, contractors battle dangerously hot weather

The challenges of this summer's extreme heat go beyond worker safety in regions less equipped to handle sudden spikes in temperature.

• Published July 16, 2021

The largest OSHA fines of Q2 2021

In the second quarter of the year, OSHA levied fines of $150,000 or more against these contractors for violations such as lack of silica respiration safety and fall dangers.

• Published Aug. 25, 2021

OSHA to develop heat standard

• Published Sept. 21, 2021

1,499 stop work orders issued in NYC construction sweep

• Published Sept. 23, 2021

NYC pilots video inspection program

• Published March 24, 2021

Skanska regional office designed for COVID-19 safety

• Published March 1, 2021

Construction safety in 2021

Hazards can arise on any jobsite, and companies must work to ensure that they are prepared for a range of threats. Ensuring worker safety has become both a top priority and a top challenge for construction site managers amid the pandemic, and new measures must be taken for precaution.

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  • The largest OSHA fines of Q2 2021
  • Skanska regional office designed for COVID-19 safety
  • 1,499 stop work orders issued in NYC construction sweep
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