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Project Delivery

Note from the editor

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Long before a general contractor sets foot on a jobsite, an owner has charted the course for stakeholder interactions throughout the life of that project, with its selection of a project delivery method.  

While many owners opt for the compartmentation of design-bid-build, studies suggest that design-build, once considered an "alternative" approach, might overtake this "traditional" method. Meanwhile, the pressure to deliver complex projects on tight budgets is driving a leaner strategy that loops contractors into early design stages, such as through the integrated project delivery framework.  

Public-private partnerships haven't taken off in the U.S. like they have in other countries, but President Donald Trump's ambitious infrastructure plan could drive the creation of state and local government policy that's more attractive to private investors, some say.  

It's an evolving picture, no doubt, and to keep you apprised of it, Construction Dive will keep this page up to date with new trends and developments in project delivery strategy and adoption. Here are some highlights of our coverage over the last year.  

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Jean Dimeo Managing Editor

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