Note from the editor

Drones provide construction teams with an overhead view of jobsites, materials, machinery and people. Contractors relay on the autonomous flying machines to record images and videos that help optimize everything from grading plans and operations to identifying differences between as-designed and as-built site plans. Their usefulness can be enhanced with thermal cameras and other add-ons like mapping tools and GPS units. 

The coronavirus has made drones even more important for many projects, where social distancing or shutdowns have made it difficult to have workers on site.

Drones have become the go-to tool for construction firms to track, map, survey, inspect, and manage worksites more efficiently and safely, one expert told Construction Dive, and their usefulness is bound to grow in the days to come. These tiny heroes of the jobsite allow contractors to make better, faster and more reliable decisions — a feature that will be in demand even after the pandemic passes.

 Jenn Goodman
Senior Editor, Construction Dive
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