• A sign marks the location of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's Local Office in Savannah, Georgia on September 17, 2022.
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    Ryan Golden/Construction Dive
    Racism in Construction

    Construction worker sues employers for directing him to use ‘colored’ door

    After asking to enter a trailer to use the microwave, the Black worker said a superintendent told him he had to use a separate entrance from White staff.

    By Feb. 7, 2023
  • A construction worker sets a roof joist.
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    kali9/E+ via Getty Images

    Collapse that killed 3 underscores importance of scaffolding safety

    Safety experts emphasized focusing on planning ahead and utilizing various resources to protect workers at heights.

    By Katie Pyzyk • Feb. 7, 2023
  • Workers talking at construction site reviewing plans Explore the Trendline
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    ljubaphoto via Getty Images

    Construction Outlook 2023

    How will construction fare this year? Inflation, a potential recession, supply chain struggles and sky-high labor demands are pushing up against optimism from infrastructure spending, growth in specific sectors and tech advancement. While economists have warned of an impending recession for months, it has yet to arrive. Construction Dive broke down several trends in labor, technology and infrastructure, while testing the hardiness of specific sectors in 2023. Here is a look at what to expect this year:  

    By Construction Dive staff
  • A young construction worker uses a tablet to view plans on a jobsite.
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    sorn340 / Stock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

    Contractors search for clarity amid changing pot laws

    Twenty-one states plus Washington, D.C., will have recreational marijuana laws on the books by the end of the year.

    By Feb. 2, 2023
  • Construction workers perform tasks at height while wearing fall protection.
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    lamontak590623 / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

    Construction job openings hit third highest on record

    As jobs go unfilled, a majority of U.S. construction firms say they intend to increase staffing levels over the next six months, according to Associated Builders and Contractors.

    By Feb. 2, 2023
  • Three construction workers stand in a tunnel, silhouetted in shadow.
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    Martin Barraud via Getty Images

    Inflation is pushing wages higher

    Even though construction salaries are rising faster than those in most other industries, contractors are struggling to hire and retain new employees.

    By Robyn Griggs Lawrence • Feb. 1, 2023
  • Two construction workers bend over in a trench installing a large pipe.
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    Mark Makela/Stringer via Getty Images

    2022 was a bad year for trench deaths. This year could be worse.

    One of construction’s most preventable hazards has already taken its toll in the first months of OSHA’s fiscal year.

    By Jan. 31, 2023
  • New York Gov. Kathy Hochul speaks at a podium.
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    Spencer Platt via Getty Images

    NY’s Carlos’ Law hikes penalties for jobsite safety crimes

    The $500,000 minimum fine for a felony targets contractors that have a “poor safety culture,” one attorney said.

    By Jan. 27, 2023
  • Two workers in hardhats look at blueprints in an office.
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    mihailomilovanovic via Getty Images

    GCs are often excluded from wage theft liability. That may change.

    The federal government is considering more labor-friendly rules, as worker groups push for joint employer wage theft laws.

    By Jan. 26, 2023
  • Wood-framed apartment building under construction.
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    Maudib via Getty Images

    3 reasons why labor, material and land prices may ease for multifamily developers

    The cost of building new apartments should moderate this year, experts say.

    By Leslie Shaver • Jan. 24, 2023
  • Construction engineers discussion with architects at construction site
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    sorn340 via Getty Images

    Empower workers to speak up about jobsite hazards

    Presenters at AGC’s recent conference discussed how company culture impacts project safety.

    By Jan. 24, 2023
  • Slinger in helmet and vest controls unloading of metal structures on construction site.
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    Sergey Pakulin via Getty Images

    2023 construction outlook roundup: Proceed with caution

    As they look to the year ahead, contractors want to know how frayed supply chains, inflation and labor shortages will affect their business.

    By Construction Dive Staff • Jan. 23, 2023
  • Two people in hardhats look out from a high view into an in-progress building.
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    Paul Bradbury via Getty Images

    Why an overly detailed safety plan can be a liability

    A massive rulebook that most workers won’t read can leave a contractor vulnerable to fines and lawsuits, according to panelists at AGC’s safety conference.

    By Jan. 20, 2023
  • Construction workers are on a platform. The platform is also under construction, and workers wear safety gear.
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    Michael M. Santiago via Getty Images

    OSHA inspected more construction sites last year than any other workplace

    OSHA Regional Administrator Stephen Boyd spoke candidly about the industry’s fatality numbers at AGC’s health and safety conference this week.

    By Jan. 19, 2023
  • A man in a suit stands behind a chair while holding its back.
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    Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

    DHS strengthens deportation protection for undocumented workers involved in employment claims

    A new policy by DHS is a “win” for undocumented workers, one advocate says.

    By Ginger Christ • Jan. 19, 2023
  • Construction workers applying plaster on building facade
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    recep-bg via Getty Images

    Texas county adopts policy to curb construction death rate

    The rule will prevent companies with poor records from winning public jobs and will require employers to pay for managers’ OSHA training.

    By Jan. 18, 2023
  • Four people in suits sit at a table, the two in the middle are signing documents.
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    Permission granted by AASHTO

    Transit agencies agree to share certification of minority contractors

    Chicago and Philadelphia’s reciprocal arrangement for disadvantaged businesses could become a national model, organizers say.

    By Jan. 17, 2023
  • San Diego Inclusion Meeting
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    Courtesy of DPR Construction

    How to build an inclusive construction pipeline in 2023

    DPR’s diversity lead maps out a game plan for more equity on jobsites.

    By Stacee Barkley • Jan. 17, 2023
  • A COVID patient in a hospital bed
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    John Moore via Getty Images

    COVID was construction’s top killer in 2020

    In the first year of the pandemic, construction workers were among the most vulnerable to COVID-19 and its related illnesses, new government data shows.

    By Updated Jan. 18, 2023
  • Two construction workers bend over to perform work.
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    Brandon Bell via Getty Images
    2023 OUTLOOK

    The hardest construction jobs to fill

    Some of the toughest positions to staff in 2023 are the most vital.

    By Jan. 12, 2023
  • Business people, one of which is pregnant, walk and talk in afactory
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    stocknroll via Getty Images

    Pregnant Workers Fairness Act: What HR needs to know

    Pregnancy accommodations will be mandatory in June, but regulations could be a year away.

    By Caroline Colvin • Jan. 12, 2023
  • Two construction workers stand as one operates a drone. The drone is in the foreground of the picture, with the two workers who wear hardhats and safety vests.
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    Natnan Srisuwan via Getty Images
    2023 OUTLOOK

    Contech trends to watch in the new year

    As builders adapt to economic, supply chain and labor challenges, they're turning to technology to boost performance.

    By Jan. 11, 2023
  • Slinger in helmet and vest controls unloading of metal structures on construction site.
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    Sergey Pakulin via Getty Images
    2023 OUTLOOK

    New year, new challenges for IIJA

    Inflation, labor shortages and supply chain snarls could hamper federal infrastructure act work in the coming year.

    By Jan. 10, 2023
  • A person in a reflective vest and utility mask bends over their work, with unfinished concrete bridge parts in the background.
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    John Moore via Getty Images
    2023 OUTLOOK

    What’s keeping contractors up at night?

    Supply chain chaos and an impending recession are among builders’ top concerns in 2023, according to a new survey.

    By Jan. 9, 2023
  • Aerial view with Lower Manhattan skyline at sunset viewed from above Hudson River.
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    Ultima_Gaina via Getty Images

    New York adopts new labor law to ‘protect integrity of public work’

    Several contractor groups questioned the need for the legislation.

    By Jan. 5, 2023
  • Federal Trade Commission
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    Carol Highsmith. (2005). "The Apex Building" [Photo]. Retrieved from Wikimedia Commons.

    BREAKING: Feds propose ban on noncompetes

    In the historic proposal, the Federal Trade Commission said noncompetes harm competition, suppress labor mobility and reduce wages even for those not bound by the agreements.

    By Ryan Golden • Jan. 5, 2023