BIM TRACK Enters DaaS Space with an Intelligent Solution for Construction Coordination that Delivers a Competitive Edge

October 20, 2021
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QUÉBEC, Canada —

Québec, QC - October 20, 2021, BIM Track announced the launch of its new turnkey Data Analytics as a Service (DaaS) product offering set to help the AECO industry stay at the top of their game. Today’s reality sees construction project managers too often inundated with an abundance of data, leaving them drowning in decisions about what KPIs matter and how to measure them. Meanwhile, many firms struggle to build robust analytics infrastructure to extract valuable insights. To top it all off, BIM Track received many requests for support with analytics software Power BI. BIM Track decided to act and fulfill an industry need.

The DaaS launch is a game-changing moment in the quest for greater project success. Users will seamlessly unlock information across various applications, harness construction coordination details, and most importantly, be able to make more accurate decisions faster, decisions backed by data. This product launch is part of BIM Track’s ongoing commitment to help companies achieve the epitome of efficient and streamlined BIM coordination and collaboration from design to pre-construction and beyond. Identifying, assessing, planning, mitigating, monitoring, and analyzing risk across all projects, positions BIM Track
DaaS users at the forefront of those who can consistently deliver a better-built environment, on time and properly coordinated.

“We’re thrilled to unveil the latest chapter in our story of collaboration and coordination, and we hope you’ll share in our excitement,'' noted Carl Veillette, Co-Founder and VP of product at BIM Track. “The launch of BIM Track’s DaaS turnkey solution marks a key milestone in our vision for BIM Track to be at the core of every BIM project by enabling cutting edge collaboration and coordination, and by extension powering the delivery of better buildings.” BIM Track’s DaaS data is stored in a data warehouse — a columnar data store that runs on scalable cloud infrastructure. The data in the data warehouse represents a single version of truth for all BIM Collaboration and coordination across all projects. A key differentiator at the center of the benefits to the user is that contrary to other options that exist today, no manual exporting or extracting of data is needed. With BIM Track DaaS, the extraction is automated and updated every 24 hours.

“We are ecstatic about today’s launch of our novel DaaS solution; an extension to our BIM Track communications and collaboration platform. We are proud to be the only ones on the market to offer a fully automated, simple to access BIM communication and coordination analytics tool and data warehouse for those who are looking to improve their competitive edge,” commented Christian Proulx, VP of sales and marketing at BIM Track.

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ABOUT BIM TRACK BIM Track is the industry-leading web-based design and constructability issue management platform that empowers teams with improved coordination communication and issue-management workflows. BIM Track can be accessed using a browser or directly in Revit, Navisworks, Tekla Structures, AutoCAD & more. More than 500 firms use BIM Track in 40 countries for better collaboration. For more information, visit
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Screen grab - PowerBI dashboard
Screen grab - PowerBI dashboard
Screen grab - PowerBI dashboard