Dowco Consultants, Ltd & Qnect, Llc have a breakthrough agreement for Dowco to integrate Qnect software into their world class detailing.

July 03, 2021
AMHERST, Mass. —

"As North America’s first Tekla Structures user we Dowco had developed a myriad of tools, technologies and best practices around Tekla/Trimble software, but none offering the advantages that Qnect can,” says Ewen Dobbie, Dowco Consultants CEO. "Compressed construction schedules, iterative design and early connected fabrication ready models will become the norm and we see Qnect enabling us the ability to apply AISC and CISC connections rapidly and accurately with increased productivity, improved quality and lower cost for all project stakeholders. The combination of Qnect software with Dowco’s in-house tools ensures we can deliver the best possible outcome for our clients.”  
Qnect's CEO, Jef Sharp states, "Qnect and Dowco have been in observation and test mode for many years so I am thrilled to announce this strong collaboration with one of the world's most renowned detailing firms. By combining Dowco's market reach throughout North and South America with Qnect's advanced software for efficient, optimized engineering and modeling, both companies will drive the future of smart steel delivery."
Peter Timler M.Sc., P.Eng., P.E., S.E., VP of Business Development and Engineering for Dowco shares, "The introduction of Qnect is the next natural fit for engineering technology to provide superior constructability by supporting better decision making while compressing conventional project schedules. Owners, Developers, General Contractors, Construction Managers, Designers and Fabricators will appreciate more accurate information early in the project development, that will lead to construction cost savings and, no-doubt provide a competitive advantage, when utilized in the estimodeling phase.”


About Qnect
About Qnect, Llc Qnect was formed in 2013 to develop powerful software applications that re-think the construction industry. QuickQnect™ optimizes structural steel connection design and 3D modeling through cloud-based engineering, compressing schedules and budgets while improving accuracy. Qnect integrates with the industry standard Tekla/Trimble platform resulting in consistent, efficient, engineered, detailed Qnections, ready for production. For more information, contact Jef Sharp, CEO: [email protected]