Quartz Launches Work Progress Tracking and Improved Concrete Deck Scanning for Element Verification

June 29, 2021


Platform now includes progress tracking and element verification with sub-1 inch accuracy

June 29, 2021—Quartz Systems, a construction technology company leveraging advanced perception systems to track and understand everything on a construction site, is today announcing two new product updates: 1) capabilities to automatically track work progress, and 2) accuracy improvements to Concrete Deck Analysis, a tool that quickly confirms placed deck elements and identifies missing or misplaced elements before a concrete pour.  

“Our product is an easy-to-use tool that focuses on three core areas: progress, productivity, and prediction. Quartz enables teams to track and understand their progress, improve site productivity, and, when necessary, predict impacts to schedule or budget based on their workflows. To date, our customers have been able to track work progress in 4K with Quartz Site Vision. Now, we are piloting the first generation of automated work progress tracking at sites across the country,” said Jeremy Conrad, CEO and co-founder of Quartz.

Tracking progress is a core function of managing daily activities on any site. As part of select pilots, Quartz is rolling out the first generation of automated work progress tracking. Project managers can get daily updates on work performance compared to planned schedules. The Quartz platform will soon be able to ingest site schedules and use photogrammetry data to provide status updates, including identification of progress on specific tasks by zone of the working deck. Future updates include advanced productivity tracking as well as scheduling and budget projections.

Quartz is also launching improvements to its concrete deck scanning capabilities with Concrete Deck Analysis, a tool that helps project managers minimize waste, eliminate rework and expedite their concrete pour by recognizing missing elements before the pour. Now, Concrete Deck Analysis can provide element verification with sub-one inch accuracy.

“The latest advancements in hardware and image processing now allow us to provide element verification at higher resolution than ever before.  We are working steadily towards dimensional verification. Eventually, this will eliminate the need for drones in vertical construction and reduce and replace expensive laser scanning,” said Conor Lenahan, Head of Product and co-founder of Quartz.

Quartz Concrete Deck Analysis is revolutionizing the concrete cycle by making it possible to identify preventable errors in deck work, a significant source of cost overruns and schedule delays, before they happen. Concrete Deck Analysis incorporates existing project plans, schedules, and drawings to track and understand deck elements.  Quartz then uses its 4K cameras and software analytics to build a Deck Verification Overview, a detailed report that includes what elements are present and missing. Team members can login to the Quartz dashboard to securely view and collaborate on a Deck Verification Overview to quickly address any issues pre-pour—before they become costly rework.

For more information, or to request a demo, email [email protected], call 1-833-700-0639, or visit www.quartz.co

About Quartz
About Quartz: Quartz helps construction teams deliver safely, on time, and on budget. Founded in 2018, Quartz provides an all-in-one remote site-sensing, security, and productivity platform for construction sites. Quartz allows project managers to see 4K live and historical views from anywhere, track work progress, track deliveries, measure crane use, and identify missing or misplaced deck elements before a pour. Quartz is headquartered in California. For more information, visit quartz.com or call 1-833-700-0639.