United Contractors Launches "Roll Up Your Sleeves" Vaccination Information Campaign Across Construction Industry

Posted Mar 18, 2021

Contractors: Roll Up Your Sleeves -- UCON Resources and Tools to Dispel Vaccine Misinformation

(MARCH 18, 2021) -- Today United Contractors launched “Roll Up Your Sleeves,” an informational campaign promoting vaccination across the construction industry. This is in response to surveys indicating that the industry has one of the lowest rates of workers willing to be vaccinated in the nation.

“We understand that some people are unsure about the vaccine, and have many questions. Knowledge is power, and we’ve collected everything needed for contractors to have informed discussions with their people about this crucial health and safety issue,” said Emily Cohen, Executive Vice President, United Contractors. “The next 60-90 days are imperative.”

“Roll up Your Sleeves” provides a one-stop-shop for contractors, union representatives, and construction workers to get no-nonsense, science-driven, and fact-based information about the COVID-19 vaccine. The site contains credible, reliable, and trustworthy information in one place for the construction industry, and includes helpful tools, templates, and resources to facilitate jobsite talks in Spanish and English. 

“No one understands or values safety like union construction,” said Mark Breslin, CEO of United Contractors. “The vaccine is another critical safety tool for our workforces and our industry. Our “Roll Up Your Sleeves” campaign will help our workforce get the facts they need to make the best decision.” 

Combating misinformation, and adopting vaccination is a crucial component of individual, jobsite and community safety. It’s also the shortest path for our state's vital industries to get back to normal.

Let’s Roll Up Our Sleeves. Learn more at

United Contractors is a member-driven organization that protects, educates and advocates for California’s union contractors. United Contractors COVID-19 Contractor Resource Page has served and supported tens of thousands of industry professionals throughout this unprecedented pandemic. Providing credible information to protect contractors in the “Roll Up Your Sleeves” campaign is yet another way United Contractors ensures that its members and the industry at large are supported with the resources they need. 


For more information: Emily Cohen, [email protected]