Gridium Ranked for the Second Time in the BuiltWorlds Building Tech 50

March 01, 2021

Machine learning energy data analytics help buildings on Gridium lower energy costs, decarbonize, and boost ESG performance

SAN FRANCISCO, March 1, 2021 – Gridium was recognized in this year’s BuiltWorlds Building Tech 50 list for its market leading energy management technology. The list features companies pushing the boundaries of how buildings are designed, built, operated, and maintained. The companies operate across smart building market segments including asset management, HVAC and energy systems, lighting, and mobility. This is the second year that Gridium has made the selection. 

"Our Building Tech 50 list features technologies breaking new ground in our built environment," said Ryan Trompeter, Senior Venture Analyst at BuiltWorlds. "Stakeholders across the stack, from investors to owners and occupants, are looking for tools to drive ESG performance and Gridium's track record has established the company as one of the leading players in that space. We are looking forward to further exploring smart sustainability in buildings, in addition to planning/design, as well as modularization & prefabrication at our Buildings Conference next month.”

For example, a vertically-integrated owner and operator of millions of square feet of commercial and industrial assets recently announced that it deployed Gridium as the data layer and analytics engine for its ESG strategy. Gridium’s advanced energy management technology will enable the portfolio, spanning key West Coast markets, to lower its energy use by an estimated 1.6 million kilowatt-hours and associated carbon emissions by about 360 metric tons each year.

The aftershocks of wildfires and deep freezes are crystalizing the value of demand-side energy management and distributed energy resources, as the Grid adapts to climate change and the complexity of energy management logic transmits from the utility to the building. “It’s clear the risks from climate change to the Grid, in addition to much else, are asymmetric,” said Sheeraz Haji, Managing Partner of zipdragon ventures. “Investors, in buildings and in the technology like Gridium’s that can help reshape building operations, see this asymmetry also as an opportunity for truly meaningful returns.”  

Buildings across the country, from commercial towers and technology campuses to biotech labs and medical offices, use Gridium to lower energy use and costs and carbon emissions. “The energy transition to a digital and decarbonized Grid is happening,” said Tom Arnold, CEO at Gridium. “Now is the time for building owners and operators to deploy advanced energy management technology – together we can unlock massive efficiency value, drop costs, and reduce emissions.”

More details about the 2021 Building Tech 50 list can be found online

About Gridium Inc.

Buildings use Gridium to navigate the energy transition by improving efficiency, financing retrofits, and streamlining operations. All told, the company directly serves about 300 million square feet of buildings across the United States, and with Gridium, these buildings save millions of dollars on electricity, gas, and water utility bills, reduce their carbon emissions, and data-drive their sustainable operations. 




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