George G. Copeland, CEO of Laborem Edge, Announces His Exclusive Proven Marketing System for Contractors

Posted Feb 24, 2021

George Grandis Copeland, CEO of Laborem Edge, is pleased to announce the launch of his exclusive and highly-effective marketing system for contractors. 

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Copeland understands that many industrious, reputable, and reliable contractors have issues being found in online searches. In addition, he realizes that while ad clicks and website traffic are definitely important, high-quality leads are also paramount to boosting their returns on investments and numbers of clients.

This knowledge inspired Copeland to focus on assisting contractors, helping to find and deliver high-quality clients that result in a consistent return on investment, month-over-month. With the launch of his proven marketing system, Copeland said general contractors should see up to 165 percent more leads.

Copeland's process involves a great deal of research on the industry, as well as demographic data and how people search online.

The first part of the system focuses on keyword research to help determine the terms that are most likely to lead to new client acquisitions.

"We do the upfront research to ensure your investment results in a profitable return. Here, we help you identify what has the best chance of working," Copeland said, adding that he and his team will share which target keywords have the best return on investment. This data will be used to help create landing pages, ads and the content that is required to start getting leads.

The new software program also helps with securing high-quality clients who are ready to do business.

"We track everything from the keyword someone types on Google, to the ad they click on, to the landing page they visit, to the recording of the actual phone call. Then we share the data with you, so you can review your leads, know which marketing efforts are profitable, and even use the recordings for training your team," Copeland said.

About George Grandis Copeland:

George Grandis Copeland, CEO of Laborem Edge Digital Marketing Agency, helps contractors and attorneys get more clients through his exclusive proven marketing system. To learn more about his agency, click here: