SDS2 unveils new user interface and experience with 2021 release

Posted Feb 23, 2021

SDS2, a leading provider of structural steel detailing software, has established a new look for the company with its 2021 release.

Coming on the heels of a major rebranding effort to start the year, SDS2’s latest software release continues the company’s transformation with a new user interface and user experience (UI/UX).

“SDS2 has been providing intelligence and automation where steel detailers and fabricators need it most for over 30 years,” said Stuart Broome, CEO of SDS2. “Now the quality of our interface and user experience delivers our technical capabilities in an even more efficient way. This new look is a better reflection of who we are.”  

Dubbed “Lightning Mode,” the new interface is designed to create more intuitive workflows, reduce learning curves and ultimately help experienced and new users detail faster.  

“User productivity is our top priority,” said Aditya Krishnan, SDS2 Product Owner, UX. “Our goal with this update was to reduce user adoption time as much as possible.”

The new interface will also be important as SDS2 continues initiatives to usher in the next generation of steel detailers and fabricators.

User enhancements in the SDS2 2021 interface include:

- Searchable project settings, which give users fine-tuned control over SDS2’s automation for fabrication and construction efficiencies.  

- Role-based and customizable ribbons to streamline workflows for detailing, estimating, site planning, model review, and more.

- Advanced customization for the modeling environment, from color preferences to searchable and pinned tools.

- New icons optimized for accessibility

Additional new features SDS2 2021 include connection design support for flush frame joists, through shear plates, seismic moment frames and base and cap plate welds; cruciform shapes; and automatic hyperlinks in PDF reports.  


About SDS2

SDS2 is a leading provider of 3D steel detailing software and other solutions that support the structural steel construction industry from concept to construction. Our solutions leverage proprietary, AI-powered steel connection design that is uniquely integrated into the modeling process to optimize projects for fabrication and construction efficiency.

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