Cree Buildings, Walbridge Partnership Brings Sustainable Timber-Hybrid system to U.S.

February 10, 2021

Detroit, Mich. (Feb. 10, 2021) – A milestone partnership will allow Walbridge to utilize Cree Buildings’ timber-hybrid system in projects throughout North America.

Austria-based Cree Buildings, with a range of successful projects throughout Europe and Asia, is a system for timber-hybrid buildings that utilizes prefabricated components.

Focusing on sustainable construction, the license agreement with Detroit-based constructor Walbridge will support major customers across North America and the globe as many companies continue their pledge to minimize carbon footprints.

“Walbridge has been closely following the timber-hybrid industry, seeking innovative ideas that would safely and economically add value to our customers' sustainability goals,” Walbridge Executive Vice President Randy Abdallah said.

The partnership can help customers achieve carbon reduction pledges while maintaining high standards of quality and design.

A Strong Partnership

The two companies discovered their processes to be very like-minded as both are very methodical in their approach.

"With this company, Cree Buildings adds another agile partner to their network: an innovator with a strong footprint and the ability to scale. Their positioning with top 100 Fortune companies also means they will reach the client base that will profit the most from the Cree Buildings system,”  Volker Weissenberger, Director of Business Development at Cree GmbH, said.

Hubert Rhomberg, founder and CEO of Cree GmbH, said the partnership is a testament to the level of quality both companies expect out of every project.

"I am happy to start our US operations with such a strong, committed and trustworthy partner," Rhomberg said.

Innovation, Continued Success

As businesses look at ways to mitigate carbon footprints, Walbridge has long developed new methods and processes toward green construction. This partnership is another way the constructor is looking to the future of going green.

"The ever-encouraging trend toward carbon reduction with the desire for sustainable design in the U.S. creates a tremendous opportunity for the partnership between Cree Buildings and Walbridge," Walbridge Group Vice President David Robson said.

There are many benefits to this partnership, Robson said, as Walbridge has already had discussions with several customers on the impact of timber-hybrid solutions to their construction projects.

“The Cree Buildings system allows Walbridge to deploy an aesthetically attractive modular timber-hybrid system that promotes a healthy environment while reducing the building's carbon footprint," Robson said. "It can be fabricated at the highest of quality, safely in a locally controlled environment and erected at an incredible speed. Moreover, our estimates have concluded that we can accomplish this for comparable costs of traditional structural framing."

About Walbridge

A construction firm with projects across the globe, Walbridge is a privately held top-50 construction company in the U.S. which was founded in Detroit in 1916. The company offers construction management, design-build, general contracting and related services for customers in a broad range of fields including automotive, aviation, commercial, education, industrial manufacturing, mission-critical, power and energy, and water/wastewater. Walbridge continuously strives to improve its practices with meticulous documentation of past project solutions and creative application of these "lessons learned" to new challenges. Working towards a more sustainable future for the construction industry, they have developed GreenWISE, a proprietary program that helps reduce the ecological impact of their construction sites. The company employs more than 1,500 professionals committed to sustainable construction and maintaining injury-free workplaces.

About Cree GmbH

Founded in 2010, Cree Buildings is an international technology and consultancy firm, dedicated to sustainable and healthy buildings using prefabricated timber-based components. Together, they have developed the Cree Buildings system: proven, reproducible, and constantly evolving solutions for multi-story timber-hybrid buildings made of prefabricated components. By providing the technology via the Cree Buildings platform, Cree Buildings enables other companies to stand out in their particular market. Since 2016, Cree Buildings has expanded its network across Europe, Asia, and North America.



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