ALICE Technologies Releases Manage, the AI-Powered Construction Management Product

Posted Feb 10, 2021

With Manage, ALICE Moves into Construction Phase of Major Projects, Helping Customers to Deliver On Time and On Budget

Menlo Park, CA, February 10, 2021 – ALICE Technologies ( today announced the release of Manage, an AI-powered simulation product for construction project management. ALICE Manage enables large general contractors and construction owners to easily track work and equipment, explore mitigation strategies to efficiently deal with change orders, and implement new or unforeseen schedule changes during a project. 

With this news, ALICE now offers both pre-construction and project management solutions that deliver an end-to-end AI-powered construction simulation platform to help large scale infrastructure and commercial projects optimize all resources from time of bid to completion. 

ALICE Manage solves the inevitable variability of construction projects and gives teams the ability to reschedule quickly and efficiently during a job. With Manage, firms can create new estimates, manage cost variance through data-driven decisions, deliver projects faster while on budget, and efficiently control the project’s schedule. 

“Since day one, ALICE has been building for this moment. With the introduction of Manage, ALICE now brings the power of AI to the full project lifecycle, from pre-construction through project management,” said René Morkos, CEO and Founder, ALICE Technologies. “With ALICE, contractors can develop an ideal project plan and easily tune that plan during the build based on changing circumstances. Our vision is to reduce global construction costs by 25%, and the introduction of Manage gives contractors the stem-to-stern project planning and management capability that can make this vision possible.”

ALICE Manage business benefits include: 

Make data-driven decisions: All the information you need to make any project decision - design, estimates, scheduling - in one place. Increase time and resource estimation accuracy for forecasts and decisions.

Project Recovery: The ability to respond rapidly to construction project delays, emergencies, or unforeseen events by generating multiple updated plans in minutes. 

Deliver projects faster and cheaper: Project teams rely on accurate schedule estimates to deliver their work on time and budget. Schedule around project delays instantly with resequencing. Highlight the source of each slowdown and take practical action by generating corrective schedules automatically.

Control the project schedule: Automatically explore new strategies, create backup schedules with every progress update and stay ahead of potential slowdowns. Lower risk of schedule and cost overruns and increased schedule conformance. 

Key Features of ALICE Manage include: 

Baseline Schedule - select a specific solution to commit to construction, enter manage mode and start tracking progress.

Update Project Progress with AI - Update your schedule activities with their actual status and progress numbers either by uploading a csv file, or by using the ALICE UI.

Visualize Progress - Gauge how actual progress affects the project’s estimated schedule by highlighting activities based on status (not started - in progress - complete)

What if Analysis - Explore alternatives based on your recent progress and new data, either by maintaining the sequence of activities OR unleashing ALICE AI to schedule around any delays. 

Plan Validation - The project plan updates according to progress data, automatically checking for constraint violations and enabling users to see which parts of the job are in progress, completed, and estimated.

Design Update - Update the 3D model at any point during the project life-cycle -- without losing any of the progress work and data.

Version History - view and save the history of various plan stages; revert back to a prior version if desired. Automatic record keeping of as-built schedule versions.

"The addition of Manage greatly expands the market opportunity for ALICE, enabling end-to-end project management driven by industry-leading AI," said Salman Ullah, Managing Director of Merus Capital. "ALICE is defining a category, and companies that use its solutions will see substantial savings in construction time and cost."

Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company is currently using Manage to develop Koula tower, a 41-story mixed-use tower in Honolulu, Hawaii. James Abeshima, project director at HDCC, said “ALICE was instrumental during pre-construction for Kolua tower, helping us to identify the most efficient schedule for the project. But in construction, circumstances inevitably shift during a build. With ALICE, we have the confidence that we can tune our schedule on the fly and manage the unexpected without jeopardizing our schedule and cost targets.” 

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ALICE Technologies is the world's first AI-powered construction simulation platform. Founded in 2015 based on research from Stanford University, ALICE leverages artificial intelligence to analyze a project's complex building requirements, generate highly efficient building schedules, and revise those schedules as needed during construction. ALICE enables contractors and owners to plan, bid, and build more effectively, reducing construction times and labor costs by $30 million for a typical $500 million construction project. ALICE Technologies works with construction leaders in the infrastructure and commercial construction segments, such as Parsons, HDCC, and Kajima Corporation. Learn more at

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