World’s First Cordless Heated Lunch Box Made for Construction Workers

September 08, 2020
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World’s First Cordless Heated Lunch Box Made for Construction Workers


LunchEAZE is the first major advancement in lunch box technology and it’s changing everyday lives of construction workers across the world. LunchEAZE is the only cordless, battery powered, smart lunch box that heats food automatically up to 220°F at the user’s designated meal time. With full temperature control and bluetooth app features, it provides convenience and ease like never before. 

“This is definitely a game changer… Perhaps a life changer… If you work construction like I do, 95% of the time there are no microwaves on the job site and you will quickly become tired of sandwiches and chips,” says Gabriel Anthony in a LunchEAZE product review. 

Construction workers like Anthony have struggled to eat healthy and satisfying meals, often resorting to fast food while performing one of the most physically intensive jobs. With LunchEAZE, construction workers are now able to enjoy hot home-cooked meals as they jump from job site to job site without having to stay plugged in. First launched through Kickstarter in 2019, LunchEAZE has reached record sales last month with over 3000 units shipped out so far.

“Our team at LunchEAZE hopes to change how people experience lunch time all over the world. Hardworking individuals like construction workers deserve the best food options possible,” says senior product engineer, Uzair Mohammad. 

LunchEAZE is the world’s first cordless, automatic, heated lunch box made by ReliantEMS Corp, a 12 year old engineering and manufacturing company that seeks to improve the quality of everyday life with high-tech consumer products. After a highly successful round of crowdfunding on Kickstarter in 2019, LunchEAZE is now shipping worldwide directly from headquarters in Fremont, California through ReliantEMS Corp’s dedicated team will continue prototyping and innovating new consumer products in the coming years, focused on improving people’s health, wellness, and productivity.