Department of Defense Selects Grant Integrative Facilities Management for Coronavirus Response Contract at the Philadelphia Navy Yard

Posted Jul 14, 2020

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Grant Integrative Facilities Management (Grant) announced today it was selected to provide coronavirus-related support services for the United States Department of Defense. Grant will provide comprehensive temperature screening and ancillary coronavirus disinfecting services for the Philadelphia Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) stationed at the Philadelphia Navy Yard.


The NSWC is seeking to prevent coronavirus infections by ensuring that personnel entering its facilities throughout the Philadelphia Navy Yard do not have fevers. Grant will establish screening enclosures at the entranceways to numerous buildings to conduct standardized, contactless temperature-screening procedures during weekday and weekend hours. Grant will also provide cleaning and disinfecting as requested.


“The importance of this contract cannot be understated,” said Jim N. Grant, owner and founder of Grant. “First and foremost, it is crucial the men and women entering the Navy’s facilities understand that their safety, health, and well-being are the top priority. In addition, this contract is a pioneering program that the Navy could utilize as a test case to establish what will become standard operating procedure moving forward.”


“As for our firm, we welcome the opportunity to partner with the Navy and are thrilled with the confidence they have afforded us. We share the Navy’s vision and are focused on providing responsive, flexible, and dedicated services. Moreover, we’re excited to expand our portfolio of experience and expertise in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Since early March our firm has been tailoring solutions for clients across all markets sectors and we look forward to bringing the knowledge gained from this assignment to our clients throughout the tri-state region,” Grant said.


In addition to labor, Grant is providing the Navy with all the equipment, cleaning chemicals, and personnel protective equipment (PPE) needed for this 7-days-a-week assignment.


“By already having the state-of-the-art equipment, coronavirus-killing cleaning chemicals, and PPE needed,” Grant said, “our firm has eliminated procurement delays for our clients, thereby providing maximum effectiveness and efficiency from Notice to Proceed.”  


More Information on Grant Integrative Facilities Management’s Coronavirus Expertise: Since the initial outbreak of the coronavirus in early March, our firm has provided comprehensive response services at the Wells Fargo Center, home to the Philadelphia 76ers and Flyers, and for a dozen United States Navy facilities at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. In addition, we have served essential service providers like police departments, fire stations, and sewer authorities, which are providing mission-critical services. For the State of New Jersey, we provided cleaning services at the Joseph Kohn Center – a training facility for the visually impaired. For the Gloucester County Improvement Authority (GCIA) we have been cleaning and maintaining Shady Lane Nursing Home, as well as the County’s public parks. In addition, our firm has cleaned quasi-government agencies, such as Cooper’s Ferry Partnership, as well as individual business locations, giving all our clients the ability to provide their employees and stakeholders with the assurance and comfort of knowing they have responded aggressively to the coronavirus threat.