SkillSignal Releases COVID-19 Safe & Prepared Guide for Construction

April 30, 2020



NEW YORK, N.Y., April 30, 2020 -- Innovation and change remain at the forefront as a way of response to the current climate centered around COVID-19. Now more than ever, construction companies are assessing their ‘return-to-work’ procedures/protocols as a way to restart the socio-economic wheel. This is a critical time for employers to take lead in the reopening of our economy while advocating for an approach to new health and safety guidelines.


The implications of COVID-19 virus transmission in a workplace has become a vested research topic for the SkillSignal Team. That is why they have dedicated over 200+ hours in developing an all-encompassing document to cover concerns from an operational standpoint. Their goal is to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information for employers and employees preparing to resume work on construction sites. Data has been pulled from top sources such as CDC, WHO,, OSHA, NYC DOB and more.  


The SkillSignal COVID-19 Safe & Prepared Guide for Construction Worksites is a comprehensive document that outlines worksite reopening and operating protocols to reestablish a workplace where individuals feel safe showing up and performing their jobs.  When planning for worksite operations, everyone has unique needs and that is why this guide has been broken up into individual booklets based on relevance. This robust document includes materials on a main subject with specific goals, step-by-step procedures, recommendations, sample forms, checklists, and other useful resources. The intent for this document is to be shared amongst all construction field members or other related industries in hopes for creating a safer environment for all, and to rise together in order to push through these challenging times.


A PDF Download of the Guide can be found here.


Guide Includes:

15 + Booklets you can use as needed

Pandemic Response Field Team

(Re)opening worksites: Responsibilities and Plans

Preventative and Protective Equipment (PPE) Inventory

Checklists, Templates, Documentation


About SkillSignal:


SkillSignal LLC is a New York/New Jersey based tech company founded by Sebastien de Ghellinck. SkillSignal offers a system of applications to create an ecosystem focused on safety and compliance in construction. For leaders who manage high-value operations, SkillSignal is here to make your workforce safe, compliant and efficient while saving you time, money, and hassle down the road.



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