Incentive Solutions Unveils Authoritative Guide on Dealer Incentive Programs

April 17, 2019

For manufacturers and distributors seeking to increase sales across distribution channels, the optimal dealer incentive program can make all the difference. To streamline and expedite this process, Incentive Solutions – a company recognized as a pioneer in the sales incentive industry that has managed thousands of B2B channel incentives since 1994 – is now offering its 2019 Guide to a Successful Dealer Incentive Program as a complimentary e-book.

The digital guide presents a step-by-step guide for manufacturers and distributors on building customer loyalty, increasing channel sales, gaining complete marketing data and differentiating themselves amidst a crowded marketplace with evolving distribution channels through proven incentive-based strategies. The e-book summarizes the best practices utilized by Incentive Solutions during 25+ years partnering with some of the country’s leading companies on incentive programs.

“Dealer incentive programs are not a one-size-fits-all model, so identifying the ideal rewards for your target audience is vital,” said Mark Herbert, president and CEO, Incentive Solutions. “Our e-book is filled with the latest marketing insights that are relevant to modern day manufacturers and distributors endeavoring to unlock brand loyalty from B2B customers and achieve meaningful growth.”

Incentive Solutions’ e-book outlines timely and substantial information for companies, including:

     How to set smart goals and select the best types of incentive programs;
     Strategies for establishing individual audience motivations and identifying which rewards drive loyalty;
     The benefits and key differences between debit and gift card rewards, online/merchandise rewards and incentive travel rewards;
     How to market and enhance incentive programs using cutting edge technology; and
     How to effectively track and measure incentive programs’ progress and return on investment.

“Dealers are a key conduit to the end consumer. By improving and leveraging those business relationships with a dealer incentive program, manufacturers and distributors will be equipping themselves to drive growth and achieve a meaningful ROI,” Herbert said. “Additionally, adopting strategies that utilize tools, such as mobile apps, leaderboards and integration services, can lead to increased engagement and sales channel benefits that boost your business above the competition.”

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About Incentive Solutions

Incentive Solutions, Inc., founded in 1994 and based in Atlanta, GA, offers online rewards, travel incentives, and gift card rewards. From the beginning, Incentive Solutions has focused on delivering more than just reward fulfillment, setting out to innovate the incentive industry by utilizing and developing emerging online technologies. Acting as a valued partner and trusted advisor to clients, ISI helps organizations increase sales, motivate employees, build customer loyalty, create positive work environments, and improve channel sales relationships. For more information, visit