Manage Drive Partitions and Multi-Boot the Easy Way with the BootIt

September 16, 2018

TeraByte Unlimited has released the BootIt Collection, a flexible,
easy-to-use program that lets you multi-boot both legacy and new UEFI
systems. The BootIt Collection is also a powerful tool for managing your
drive partitions. Its elegant interface makes it a snap to use and the
interface is remarkably flexible!

The BootIt Collection is easy to install and makes it incredibly easy to
multi-boot different operating systems.  The BootIt Collection covers
multi-booting, partitioning, and disk imaging on traditional PC`s using the
standard BIOS and newer PC`s using UEFI. The collection includes BootIt Bare
Metal (BIBM) for standard BIOS systems and BootIt UEFI (BIU) for UEFI
system. With the new BootIt Collection you can work with any type of system,
new or old, whether it utilizes traditional BIOS or the newer UEFI system

The BootIt Collection is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to work with
drive partitions. Use it to create new drive partitions or to modify
existing partitions. The BootIt Collection makes it easy to move a partition
to another drive or to another computer. The whole process is quick and
painless. If all that weren`t enough you can also use the BootIt Collection
to delete partitions, copy partitions, and even edit boot configuration data
(BCD). The BootIt Collection includes Image for DOS and Image for UEFI as
well. It`s the complete package.

To sum it up, the BootIt Collection gives you the ability to work with
computers, both new and old, regardless of the type of interface they have.
Whether the machine uses standard BIOS or UEFI, the BootIt Collection has
you covered. Work with partitions, edit BCD, and more, and do it all with
The BootIt Collection  run on any  standard PC using either UEFI or legacy
BIOS.  Installation boot media can be created on any system using Windows or
Linux. It comes from TeraByte Unlimited, developers of the award-winning
software products like Image for Windows, Image for DOS, and the OSD Tool

The BootIt Collection can  be downloaded on-line from