Building Beautiful Business: 5 million reasons why Mortarr is the future of commercial design

May 14, 2018

ALBERT LEA, Minn. – After years of battling through inefficiencies within the commercial construction and design industry, three individuals teamed up to streamline the way industry professionals and clients alike gain inspiration, source products, collaborate and grow. The result of that effort is Mortarr, an imagery driven and search-based website and app that serves as an inspiration gallery, networking and promotional tool for professionals, brands and end-users in the commercial construction and design industry.

“We started Mortarr not just to solve a problem, but to revolutionize an entire industry for the better,” says Abby Murray, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer. “What has been done so well on the residential side is now being applied to the commercial construction and design industry. Over 5 million Google searches are happening every month for services and ideas within the commercial space. We’re bringing those eyes to Mortarr so they can finally find what they’re looking for on one single platform: photos that inspire and the products and services that bring those spaces to life.” 

The stars on Mortarr are professionals and brands within the commercial construction and design space that showcase their services and products with a customized profile and unlimited project galleries. The end-users on Mortarr are people and professionals looking for commercial design ideas and the capabilities to carry out their project. Anyone can access Mortarr at no cost to gain inspiration, locate professionals and discover brands with whom they may collaborate. Mortarr is not an e-commerce site. No prices are stated and products and services cannot be directly purchased on Mortarr. It is a collaboration hub where commercial professionals can upgrade to a company or brand profile to become findable on the platform. In its simplest terms, Mortarr connects the commercial construction and design industry to build beautiful business.

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Mortarr is an online inspiration and networking platform for commercial construction and design. Building the largest commercial design database in the world and empowering industries with technology, Mortarr allows users to showcase projects and products, connect with industry professionals, grow networks of partnerships, and collaborate and track decision in real time with clients and project teams. Headquartered in Albert Lea, Minn., Mortarr, the Mortarr logo, and “Building Beautiful Business” are registered trademarks of Mortarr Inc. worldwide. For more information, visit