Nanosoft Announces nanoCAD Plus 8.5

January 22nd, 2018 - Today the company Nanosoft introduced nanoCAD Plus 8.5 - an updated version of well-known CAD platform.

Briefly about the new version. nanoCAD Plus 8.5 latest updates include: intensification of work with point clouds, DWG and IFC files, raster data and PDF underlays; import of vector and raster data into DWG format from PDF underlays; materials and lighting support.

Increasing the speed of nanoCAD is what all our users were longing for. Computers are more and more powerful nowadays, the video cards are way more productive, volume of data is huge and need to be processed fast. The new video engine of nanoCAD is designed to serve the purpose - not only we improved data processing, we also bettered the speed and quality of work you are performing with nanoCAD Plus.

The development team carried out a large-scale refactoring of the code based on a detailed analysis of feedback and wishes sent to the technical support. Now work with DWG-files is up to 5 times faster. Processing of graphic data is distributed over several streams which significantly accelerates the speed on multiprocessor systems.

What`s New: Raster data and PDF underlays processing, point clouds feature improvement, IFC files, frozen layers, objects with damaged geometry, and nanoCAD Plus has become way more user-friendly.

Improvements to the new version are not limited to speeding up the program. Version 8.5 includes an updated PDF engine that allows importing vector and raster data. If vector object snapping is usual for nanoCAD users, then PDF objects and raster underlays snapping is a unique feature of nanoCAD Plus 8.5.

Other useful improvements of version 8.5:

- Custom CFG files
- PAUSE in Command Line from LISP and scripts
- Advanced closed contours search
- New Interface
- SSMAUTOOPEN and SSLOCATE system variables
- Improved Multiline Text
- Improved Plot command
- Modified LAYERS dialog
- New Block Attributes manager, ATTREQ system variable
- Fixes in External References dialog
- New commands for Points Cloud

The full list of nanoCAD Plus 8.5 new features and updates is included in the electronic documentation for the software product and is available in the Start / All Programs / Nanosoft / nanoCAD Plus 8.5

About Nanosoft
Nanosoft is a community of CAD professionals. Our team consists of people who have been working in the CAD software industry for years. Many of them have been in the CAD business since the late 1980s. They have been involved in the development of innovative software and have taken part in many successful national and international projects.

nanoCAD Plus 8.5 can be downloaded from

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