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Date Set for Construction of Trump’s Border Wall with Mexico

You may recall that one of President Trump’s campaign promises last year was the construction of a wall to protect its open borders with Mexico.

Last week, the Secretary for Homeland Security, John Kelly announced that the US hopes to start construction this year, at least by the end of summer.

Kelly told CNN that the administration intended to start construction of the border wall before fall. Last Thursday, John Kelly and Attorney General, Jeff Sessions met with law enforcement personnel from different federal agencies at EL Paso, Texas. Together, they took a tour of the border area and discussed modalities.

The Homeland Security Secretary said he was having talks with local and state legislators willing to share their views on the best way to start the project.

Although legislators from both parties have slated the plans to use taxpayers’ money to fund the wall construction, Sessions says he has no doubt that Congress will eventually approve the funding.

“I believe Congress will back the idea and provide necessary funding to build this wall,” he said. According to the Attorney General, it is the final step towards the success the administrations has had so far towards a permanent system where the lawlessness can be brought to an end.

The AG’s latest announcement on immigration enforcement was a testament to this fact. He also added that they want people in America to know that the authorities have secured the border and set up a lawful immigration system in the interest of the nation.

Companies have already sent bids for the border wall construction

As speculations continue to rise about the details of the border wall, news emerged last month that a total of 600 companies have placed bids for the project.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection agency, have asked businesses to submit their proposals for designs and wall prototypes.

Various companies have already indicated the interest in the opportunity to be contracted as a builder for the wall. Starting this month, successful firms will be awarded initial contracts. The range from large construction companies to security firms and small fence companies. Ironically, about 10% of bidding companies are owned by Hispanics.

There are reports that most the companies involved know little about the details of the plans. One of the bidders, Caddell Construction, a major government construction firm for global projects including U.S. embassies and correctional facilities, admitted that the schematics were still sketchy.

 “Once the full details have been communicated we will assess if there’s a chance to proceed further,” says Terry Willis, a representative for the company.



The cost and logistics of building a massive border wall

According to President Trump, the wall will cost about $10 billion, but experts have pegged the construction project to cost around $25 billion. Building will take place in daytime and at night on some occasions. Because the site is off the urban areas, a warehouse will need to be built to stock building materials.

Dwayne Kula, President of My LED Lighting Guide says the best way to reduce extra costs on transportation is to set up nearby stocking warehouses equipped with low-voltage electrical equipment. “Building any border wall is no small construction work, and sustainable practice is the best way to tackle such projects,” he says.

Trump’s new pitch for the border wall

One of the major challenges follow the wall construction is funding. The President’s office is facing new opposition from the democratic party as Trump pushes plans to make his proposition a reality.

According to recent reports, President Trump is making a new pitch to lawmakers to prevent partial shutdown of the government house this week.

He will propose to Congress, to have the initial funding for the wall included in the budget to finance government expenditures till the end of September. However, opposing Democrats are strongly against the idea.

By midnight on Friday, the United States government will run out of operating funds, allowing limited time for the Republican-majority Congress and minority Democrats to reach a conciliation with the White House.

With John Kelly’s scheduled summer date for the commencement of the construction, and uncertainty surrounding funding for the project, it is not exactly known how things will proceed.

However, one this is sure, there is no shortage of construction firms vying to take up the contract. The American people and International public can only wait and see what the future holds.