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Fast Grab FRP Adhesive Introduced in 28-Ounce Cartridge with Easy Application Tool

Titebond has made it easier for construction contractors to efficiently handle smaller FRP-installation jobs with the introduction of the 28-ounce Fast Grab FRP Adhesive cartridge – complete with an attachable applicator designed to simplify application and maximize coverage. 

Until now, Fast Grab FRP Adhesive has been offered only in pails of one gallon or more – perfect for larger commercial jobs. Titebond created the 28-ounce cartridge for smaller installations, sparing contractors the expense of purchasing more product than is required for the job at hand. Cartridge yield is approximately 11 square feet, and three cartridges cover the equivalent of a standard 4’x 8’ panel.

Contractors are also assured of maximizing every ounce of product in the new cartridge, thanks to the inclusion of a high-performance application tool, designed specifically for the FRP cartridge, that maximizes coverage and efficiency. Rather than dispensing and troweling on the adhesive, contractors can apply and spread it in one easy step. Application is quicker and reduces mess.

The built-in applicator tool – the first of its kind for FRP cartridges – also offers some innovative design features for ensuring precise application. Guides on the back of the trowel help the contractor hold the applicator in the correct position, and pins manipulate adhesive flow to ensure it moves evenly through all notches for ideal coverage.

For projects big or small, Fast Grab FRP Adhesive gets the job done. It offers exceptionally quick grab and strength development that requires minimal bracing. It bonds to many surfaces, including drywall, non-treated plywood, greenboard, concrete, and concrete backerboard. Further simplifying installation, it can be cleaned up with water while still wet. Once set, it provides permanent flexibility, allowing materials to expand and contract with temperatures.

Fast Grab FRP Adhesive also bears Titebond’s GREENchoice designation, indicating it meets the company’s strictest requirements for environmental safety. A safer alternative to solvent-based technologies, this VOC-compliant, nonflammable formula emits no harmful or offensive odors into the environment, promoting healthier living and working conditions. It meets key specifications for environmental friendliness, including GreenSeal GS-36, LEED, SCAQMD, CARB and NAHB Green Building. It also is FDA and Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approved for indirect food contact.

The new 28-ounce Fast Grab FRP Adhesive, with applicator, is coming to building supply stores, lumber yards, and some home improvement and hardware stores, including Menards. More information is available at Titebond.com or through Titebond Customer Service, 800.669.4583, [email protected]