Technology Creates a Path to Better RFI and Submittal Workflows

Oct. 20, 2020  • Webinar 2pm ET

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No matter the size of the company or scope of the projects, construction companies need project predictability. Many have turned to technology to provide them with a way to digitally manage their workflows, as well as to gain deeper insights into project performance by using the data generated by that technology. The result? The ability to maintain a competitive edge in a dynamic industry.

This webinar explores the current state of the construction industry. Industry experts Esteban Corrales of Autodesk and Camille Hardin of Overaa Construction will offer tips, best practices and innovative ideas to optimize RFI and submittal workflows. In this webinar: 

  • Moving from paper-based/disconnected processes to digital workflows
  • How to help identify the metrics that matter and manage them effectively
  • Turning data into actionable business intelligence