How Technology is Helping Contractors Thrive in the New Normal

Oct. 28, 2020  • Webinar 11am ET

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For more than a decade, contractors have slowly embraced digital transformation as a way to improve productivity, increase project efficiency, and reduce costs. However, since March of 2020, the construction industry has accelerated its acceptance of digital technology to manage through, and recover from, the challenges brought upon by COVID-19. Analysts point out that the pandemic has done more to encourage technology adoption industry wide in just the past few months, than the previous 5-years’ worth of venture capital.

But what does this digital transformation look like in practice? In this webinar, a panel of industry experts explore the different ways contractors are using technology to thrive in the new normal, including:

  • Using technology to create continuity during a crisis
  • Investing in risk management strategies and technology
  • Addressing challenges in workflows and productivity
  • Recommendations for firms looking to invest in technology