Many small and medium-sized contractors still operate with outdated ERP systems, or no systems at all. These contractors are often working under the mistaken belief that “doing things the way we’ve always done them” is good enough.

Often, concerns over the time and effort required to implement a new system prevent contractors from making the switch. Many also believe they are too small to afford a new ERP system.

Daunting as the change may be, the cost of doing nothing is higher than many realize. In fact, those who choose not to implement an integrated, cloud-based construction ERP solution are operating at a business disadvantage in several crucial ways.

Our new webinar focuses on:

  • The reasons updated ERP systems tend to have high ROI
  • How updated ERP systems help future proof businesses
  • Real-world advice from a construction IT expert who went through the process of updating an outdated accounting system to a modern ERP system 

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