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    Yujin Kim / Construction Dive

    Construction firms step up efforts to eradicate hate

    From zero-tolerance policies to cash rewards for help in investigations and banning Confederate flags, here are the meaningful steps contractors are taking against racism.

    Joe Bousquin • Oct. 22, 2020
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    Yujin Kim / Construction Dive with assets from A-Digit via Getty Images

    Despite progress, ingrained racism still runs deep in construction

    While incidents of nooses and hateful graffiti on jobsites have made headlines in 2020, discrimination in the construction industry often manifests itself in more subtle, systemic ways.

    Joe Bousquin • Oct. 21, 2020
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    Yujin Kim/Construction Dive

    Racist actions, attitudes 'nothing new' on construction sites

    Hateful incidents leave people of color demeaned, belittled and pushed away from an industry starving for workers.

    Joe Bousquin • Oct. 20, 2020
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    Yujin Kim/Construction Dive

    Racism on the jobsite: How hate erodes construction's bottom line

    Industry leaders say that eliminating bigoted actions and attitudes is the right thing to do, but they also say it will boost contractors' profits. Here are five reasons why.

    Joe Bousquin • Oct. 19, 2020
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    Contractors prepare to face COVID-19 challenges for the long haul

    As summer turns to fall, construction pros are looking to new solutions to deal with the coronavirus pandemic through the rest of the year and into 2021. 

    Joe Bousquin • Sept. 8, 2020
  • The COVID-19 conundrum: Money is available for new construction projects, but few are breaking ground

    While financing is available for the right projects, owners and developers aren't so eager to take a risk on ground-up construction during the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Joe Bousquin • Aug. 24, 2020
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    Jenn Goodman/Construction Dive

    What does Maryland's Purple Line project team breakup mean for P3s?

    Although one of the country's most-watched public-private partnerships has stalled, the delivery method has advantages for many large civil projects, experts say.

    Kim Slowey • May 27, 2020
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    Permission granted by Austin AGC

    How construction firms can prepare for a potential second wave of COVID-19

    Although work is restarting in most jurisdictions, contractors can't let their guard down regarding coronavirus precautions for the future.

    Kim Slowey • May 18, 2020
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    Adeline Kon/Construction Dive

    The new normal: 8 ways the coronavirus crisis is changing construction

    U.S. jobsites are reopening but construction will not look the same as before the COVID-19 outbreak. Are you ready for the paradigm shift?

    Jennifer Goodman • April 30, 2020
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    Danielle Ternes/Construction Dive

    Who will save the startups?

    The runway, or dead space, between VC financing could determine a startup's ability to weather a recession — that, or an offering industry can't resist buying.

    Samantha Schwartz • April 29, 2020
  • 5 things to know about the new coronavirus paid leave law

    A number of small businesses are "despondent," a legal expert said. But there's hope the federal government could soften the law's impact.

    Ryan Golden • March 23, 2020
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    CDC/Alissa Eckert, MS. "covid-19 coronavirus on black background". Retrieved from

    6 ways the coronavirus outbreak will affect construction

    Contractors are used to risk but are they prepared for everything the pandemic will throw at them? Here are the top consequences builders will face.

    Jennifer Goodman • March 13, 2020
  • Making the grade: Why school construction costs are climbing and projects are stalling

    Contractors that specialize in education, such as Suffolk, Hoar and McCarthy say that labor and material costs, higher health standards and tech-heavy designs are causing some clients to go back to the drawing board. 

    Joe Bousquin • Feb. 11, 2020
  • The Dotted Line: Legal steps for shutting down a dangerous jobsite

    Standard construction contracts provide options to protect workers and help mitigate additional costs.

    Kim Slowey • Jan. 28, 2020
  • The Dotted Line: How contractors are finding and vetting subcontractors

    General contractors risk violating contract clauses if they can't find labor, but savvy, well-established GCs have ways of finding subs, and it’s more about relationship-building than anything else.

    Kim Slowey • Dec. 17, 2019
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    Photo by Infrogmation of New Orleans/Flickr, edited by Michelle Rock/Construction Dive

    Deconstructing a crisis: After an accident, 1 tweet could ruin a contractor's reputation

    False information can spread on social media and become "almost impossible to manage,” according to a communications consultant, unless the right strategy is in place.

    Jennifer Goodman • Nov. 25, 2019
  • How the FIU tragedy could change bridge construction

    Lessons learned from the deadly Miami bridge collapse could affect the design, safety protocols and contract language of similar future projects. 

    Kim Slowey • Nov. 22, 2019
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    Getty Images

    When construction companies need to build a new identity

    Using a DBA or creating a new corporate entity are ways contractors can distribute liability, expand geographically, update brand identity or even take on work that would put them in political crosshairs.

    Kim Slowey • Oct. 30, 2019
  • The Dotted Line: The growing perils of using undocumented workers

    Contractors risk heavy financial penalties, legal fees, a bad reputation and even jail if they hire laborers who aren't cleared to work in the U.S.

    Kim Slowey • Oct. 29, 2019
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    Brian Tucker/Construction Dive

    Risky business: As some major contractors pull back from P3s, others embrace the approach

    While Granite, Skanska, Lendlease and other leading firms have denounced some public-private partnerships, others see them as indispensable​ to their business model when delivering on large, taxpayer-funded projects.

    Jennifer Goodman • Oct. 25, 2019
  • The Dotted Line: How contractors ensure the project owner can pay

    Contractors are used to owners scrutinizing their credit and financial wherewithal, but sometimes turnabout is fair play. 

    Kim Slowey • Sept. 24, 2019
  • The Dotted Line: When contractors can walk off the job

    Certain project dynamics give GCs or construction managers the right to stop work and bill for doing so.

    Kim Slowey • Aug. 27, 2019
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    Adobe Stock

    Using technology to head off construction fraud

    With up to 6% of annual construction revenue lost to fraud, contractors are arming themselves with tech-enabled protection.

    Kim Slowey • Aug. 19, 2019
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    Where contractors are most likely to exceed the budget

    Budget overruns can pop up in any part of a project's budget — specifically, these four major areas.

    Kim Slowey • Aug. 13, 2019
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    8 ways warehouse construction has evolved

    21st century warehouses require specialized construction techniques, precise scheduling and highly experienced teams to meet industries' expectations.

    Jennifer Goodman • Aug. 8, 2019