Drones in construction: Everything you need to know

Construction is one of several industries propelling commercial drone use, as companies can use the devices for surveying, inspection and data collection. The Federal Aviation Administration's final commercial drone rules released last year kicked the industry into high gear, and, as a result, more construction companies are now implementing drones into their operations. However, there are regulations, potential risks and service options to consider before launching a drone program. Here's what construction firms need to know about drones, and what's on the horizon for the budding industry.

  1. Learning to fly: A primer on drones in construction

    From getting licensed to crunching aerial imagery data, here’s everything you need to know about UAVs in the AEC industry. Read More >>

  2. Top trends shaping drone use on the job site

    As unmanned aerial vehicles become a more integral part of the construction industry, companies are finding ways to lower costs and improve efficiency. Read More >>

  3. 18 drone companies taking off in construction

    These firms are providing the hardware and software shaping the job site. Read More >>

  4. Drone law: How new rules and evolving tech are changing the path of UAVs in construction

    The FAA's final rules for small commercial drones will likely pave the way for additional rulemaking and a more streamlined use process. Read More >>

  5. 5 steps to adding drones to construction operations

    Before a company can take flight, it must consider several factors to mitigate risk and ensure optimal performance of its UAV program. Read More >>

  6. From liftoff to landing: Drones by the numbers

    Here are the facts and figures you need to know when it comes to drone use in the construction industry. Read More >>

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