Arup's Boston office on track to nab LEED and WELL certifications

Dive Brief:

  • International design and consulting firm Arup has announced that its Boston office is on track to qualify for certification under both LEED v4 ID+C (Interior Design and Construction) and WELL Silver programs when completed later this month.
  • Once certified, the company’s office will be one of the first buildings to qualify for both designations and the first to do so in Boston.
  • This LEED v4 ID+C certification requires a property to achieve at least 80 points over more than 40 categories, while WELL Silver certification has 102 categories of design requirements and procedures that can be executed as part of the building’s wellness strategy.

Dive Insight:

Arup said that LEED primarily involves water and energy conservation and efficiencies, while WELL draws from various disciplines like health sciences, occupational psychology and facility management in an effort to create a space that will enhance the wellbeing of employees. According to Arup, its office will also function as a "living laboratory" in order to test the effectiveness of meeting WELL certification standards.

Earlier this month, Arup announced a partnership with Argos Analytics and Integrated Environmental Solutions to develop climate change forecasting models for building owners and developers. The initiative utilizes the Argos- and Arup-developed WeatherShift program to help a building developers design with climate resiliency in mind.

The company also has developed a "living wall" scaffolding system covered in grass, flowers and strawberries. Produced in partnership with manufacturer Green Fortune, Arup is currently testing the system in order to gauge its ability to reduce job site noise by 10 decibels and provide 20% cleaner air. In addition, the company said the new scaffolding system would make some construction sites more appealing to the eye.

The WELL Building Standard was created by New York-based company Delos and focuses on a building's effect on air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, mind and comfort. In April, the American Institute of Architects announced an IWBI partnership that AIA officials said will institute a health and design education initiative for AIA members.

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Top image credit: Flickr; Ted Eytan